Raines Ranch Nubians & Boers

CAE Negitive Nubian & Boer Goats in SW Nebraska


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  Here are a few of our favorite goat sites to visit! (If you would like yours added please e-mail me your addi and I'll put yours on too!!)

~The goatlady sells awesome goat t-shirts and such with supper cute graphics. Some of them can be seen on my web pages such as the "crazy Goat Woman" on the front page!

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~This is THE SITE to go to if you really want to know about raw vs pasterized milk!

~On Mercola.com: The Real Reasons Why Raw Milk is Becoming More Popular

~ Another great source of information on raw milk , Keeping a Family Cow, a fun board to chat with others on too!


~Kiowacreek Toggenburgs in SW Nebraska, Betty has beautiful Toggs!


~Another nice goat site, they make and sell goat milk soap. Located in rural Alabama, on a very small farm. They currently have 42 goats, boer, nubian and brush, along with their prized Nigerian Dwarfs!

Fiasco Farm

~We LOVE Molly!! From goat husbandry to cheese making, her site is a wealth of information! http://www.fiascofarm.com

~A great place to find breeders and see pictures of diffrent breeds of goats http://www.goatfinder.com

~Awsome goat graphics for your web site!
Graphics by
Whimsical Artwork´┐Ż

~Another great site to find breeders by breed and state! http://www.cattletoday.com

If you have an emergency situation with your goats, these are "the people" to call on!! http://www.goat911.com

Double Z Goats

Located in Eddyville Nebraska,  owned by Cristina Kranz and Rick Case. They raise Nubian, LaMancha, working Border Collies and Arabian Horses. http://www.freewebs.com/doublezgoats/

Murray McMurray Hatchery

The one and only hatchery I use to order quality chicks year after year! http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com 

A great place to find even more goats and farm sites! http://www.farmsites.com

My favorite goat supply store on line is Hoeggers!! 

Willow*Blu Nubians

A great lil site that has goats and goats milk soap! They mainly raise Nubians, but do have a few other breeds also. http://www.geocities.com/wwacres1

Located in carpenter WY, Karen Butler and her daughters raise beautiful Nubians, American Nubians and Saanen dairy goats. She also does LA and milk tests along with shows through out WY.

RA 350 x 90
Sew-It-Alls by Sheryl Dunsmoor
Sheryl makes kid goat coats, adult goat coats, hay bags, sheep sheets and does custom embroidery on any of the above at a very reasonable price to boot!

Little swimmers semen site

The Myer's family has started collection on their bucks, so along with quality Nubian, LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats , they also sell semen from their bucks!


Nazworthy Acres
They raise registered Nubians, registered horses and Myotonic goats. Located 30 miles south of Des Moines, Iowa, off of Interstate 35 and reside in the quiet countryside of St. Charles, IA http://www.nazworthyacres.com
or e-mail them at


Visit the International Nubian Breeders Association

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A Little bit about us....

My husband, 4 children (3 at the time LOL) moved to the Sidney Nebraska area in late Feb of 2001 when the hubby got offered a job out here. I immediately went on to owning chickens! Since then we have aquired more chickens (the kids show at county fair each year), turkeys, peacocks, and of course the goats of all colors!

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When I decided I NEEDED goats, the first thing I had to do was talk the husband into the whole idea (not an easy task!). One of my biggest agruements was when I found out the whole history on pasterized vs raw milk. I decided right then and there that my children should never HAVE to drink pasterized store bought milk again!(of course we still get stuck with it in the winter time, but Im working on that, and we certainly dont go through much during those times). While at that time I was a stay at home mom, with my 2 youngest children being 3 and 5. I figured the goats could also give us a way of possibly making a little on the side on occasion. Im not going to tell you that 4 years later we're rolling in the dough from goats, we're not! But they have managed to pay for themselves and with any luck at all they will begin to give us extra pocket change as our herd and the quality of our animals grow. If your curious about my comments on the raw vs pasterized milk go to the above area to links. I think you'll find it very interesting!       Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket